Opulence Automotive was set up to provide our clients with 1 central service provider for all of their luxury and performance car needs.

Car customisation is our core service, from our Manchester HQ we provide a range of customisation services for the most important aspects of luxury and performance cars. Automotive styling, performance, protection, security and vehicle sourcing, a complete range of automotive products & services that provides the ultimate experience for our clients.

In terms of car customisation our services are available both as stand-alone modifications as well as ready build car conversions. Our clients work with us to modify their cars to their preferred specification, or request a vehicle pre-built to order by Opulence Automotive, as per their requirements.


Offering a high quality and exceptional service is our top priority. Opulence Automotive go above and beyond for our clients, not only sourcing rare and exotic modifications, but offering a completely hands off service. Upon request we will collect and deliver your customised vehicle, carry out servicing, valeting, modifications, repairs, photoshoots, etc, etc, etc. Anything that is required for the vehicle, our team will assist.


At Opulence Automotive we love luxury and performance cars. It is a passion that runs through the team; we eat, sleep and breathe cars. Taking what once was a successful local car customisation unit into a national and international business that offers a huge variety of products and services to allow our clients to have their car perfected bespoke to their requirements.

From temporary cosmetic modification that include vehicle wraps and window tinting, to complete car conversions that transform the exterior or interior styling of a car to create something one-off. Opulence Automotive offer the complete package.


By utilising a 3 step process, our team provide a professionally managed way of customising a car to very specific requirements. These 3 steps are as follows:



Communication is key. Via phone, email or in person, our account managers deal with each project enquiry on an individual basis. Discussing in detail what each project requires to built a personal plan that incorporates the clients demands, existing vehicle spec, budget and final desired results.


Step two is to utilise our industry partners and tap into our knowledge of the luxury and performance car sector to secure the best possible parts, materials, products and services to allow our team to fulfil the required customisations.

Opulence Automotive boasts an almost endless list of brands and companies with which we have built professional relationships and partnerships with.

Allowing our team to build quotes that offer unrivalled quality, range and flexibility.


From our Manchester headquarters we manage all aspects of the installation process, utilising a vast array of installation centres to accommodate for the huge range of products and services that are on offer.

In addition to installation, Opulence Automotive are market leaders in the supply & distribution of luxury and performance car parts. From exhausts, to aero-kits and forged wheels. Our distribution network allows for parts to be shipped worldwide, meaning there is no need to miss out on any luxury or performance car modification due to geographic location. Professional installation is always recommended, allowing us to ship the parts out direct.


As a well established business within the automotive sector, Opulence Automotive are devoted to offering extraordinary service to the car customisation sector in the UK. Our team are intently researching new products, looking for innovations that are available and working out the most successful way to bring them to market.

When it comes down to it, we just want to build cars that are special. Both in terms of personalisation to the owner and also in regards to creating something unique that will create a buzz around it and make the automotive sector more sensational. Wild wide bodykits, carbon fibre accessories, beautiful forged wheels, eye-catching paint and vinyl wrap colours, these are the things that excite us and we want to bring them to the roads of the UK.



Affluent Individuals, HNWI & UHWNI, Celebrities, Professional Sports Stars, Personal Assistants (PA) and Management Agents

Our client base is very precious to us, not only do they choose us, but we chose them. With decades of experience with the automotive sector we have worked with all type of clients, over this time we have build up a knowledge of who deserves to work with us and who does not.

Our clients range from middle class individuals who want to perfect their pride and joy, up to HNWI and UHWNI (and their personal assistants and management staff). Each client is as different as the bespoke car they are looking to have created by us. To facilitate a positive client experience and forge long-term associations each client is handled in a bespoke way, tailored to their needs, knowledge, capacity and provisions.

From the outset our aim is to establish a connection with our clients that puts them at ease. We are very well acquainted with the products & services that we offer, establishing this with our client is key to building a secure foundation with which to form our alliance. Our associations are built and maintained painstakingly to establish Opulence Automotive as the sole source for all car customisation desires.