Opulence Automotive offer car customisation focused around exclusivity and rarity. Our team scour the world to obtain the finest automotive styling and performance upgrades for luxury and performance cars. 


Allowing Opulence Automotive to offer unrivalled car customisation services to the UK and Worldwide, all from our Headquarters in Manchester.

Ensure your new car is personalised to you, guarantee that your new investment is value for money and demonstrates your status.

Many, many people can ‘afford’ a Range Rover, few can sustain a wide-body Lumma Design CLR, a Mansory Carbonado or a Brabus Rocket 900. Flaunt that you are one of the select few, with a bespoke vehicle created by Opulence Automotive.

With over a decade of experience in this sector, there is no better choice to help you build the car of your dreams. 


Opulence Automotive are constantly active, with several builds always ongoing at any one time. Here are just a few of our selected projects.